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Family-friendly, healthy meal kit deliveries with a weight-loss option from £2.98 per person!

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  • Fast, tasty meals delivered with pre-prepared ingredients to your door
  • Choose your weekly menu & dishes that you'd like to try
  • Family-friendly meal boxes with a range of sizes and recipe options


  • Reasonably expensive for families that already plan a weekly menu and budget
  • Only seven recipes currently available on the calorie-controlled diet
  • Potential for meals to contain allergens not on the ingredients list due to production and packing methods
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Gousto is a meal delivery service, so you get your box delivered any day you wish, with the number of kits you've ordered. The instructions tell you what kitchen equipment you'll need and how to prep the measured ingredients included.

We like that there are a huge number of options, so you can filter through the dishes by everyday favourites, calorie-controlled meals, Lean in 15 menus, or kits you can cook in under 10 minutes.

If you're chasing a weight loss goal, the calorie-controlled options have around 300-400 calories a serving on average. They include Cantonese Soy-Baked Basa and Autumn Ratatouille (not bad for a low-calorie diet!).

Price: Regular box (two adults or one adult and 1-2 kids) - £24.99 for two recipes, £29.99 for three recipes or £34.99 for four recipes. Large box (four adults or two adults and 2-3 kids) - £31.75 for two recipes, £42.75 for three recipes or £47.75 for four recipes

Key Feature: Flexible meal delivery kits with a massive array of menu choices

Nutrition Plan Goals: Any! Choose from calorie-controlled to gluten-free, plant-based diets to vegetarian dishes.

Customer Service

There aren't as many meals available in some weight loss categories, but every menu looks tasty, fresh, and easy to prepare, so it's great for people without culinary skills who want to make nutritious and healthy meals for all the family.

If you get stuck or need any help, you can contact Gousto through their website, read through the FAQs or scroll the general help topics to learn more about the delivery service.

Talking of deliveries, they're FREE, cover most of the UK, and each box can be left in your designated safe place.


Gousto delivers the ultimate in meal kit flexibility. You don't need to sign your life away for the next year or commit to weekly deliveries if you just fancy one box to give it a go!

What's great is that you can mix and match, so if you want to improve your health or just make better meals for the kids, you can select from the family favourites and have a night in with something hearty and healthy.

You can also add calorie-controlled dishes, with portions to suit between one and four adults, so it's effortless to adapt your boxes to different dietary needs or nutrition goals.

Gousto meal kits are zero waste since you get everything you need, no more, no less.

Are you looking to reduce your food wastage or make a batch of something delicious, with every ingredient measured and prepared to provide the perfect balance of nutrition and calorie density? We'd give Gousto a go.

View Gousto's Meal Plans
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