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What we DO
We help you make better buying decisions.

Mystery shopping

Best10Index helps consumers in their online shopping for products and services. We cover a growing variety of industries to make your purchasing decisions easier. We do this by test driving products and services across a host of industries, and bringing you our findings through our trusted comparison websites.

Helping you with your online shopping decisions

Brand reviews and comparisons

As the world fills up with more online offerings, we realize how hard it can be to make sure you're buying the best product or service for your needs. That’s where we come in.

From online dating, to stockbroking and business services, our expert teams review all the key brands in each industry. Armed with this, you're in a better position to make an informed buying decision.

We help you choose the right stockbrokers
How We Work
First of all, we recruit industry experts into our team. Specialists with years of experience in the particular industry.

Then, with their help, we pull together the best of the products and services in that market...and get to work.

We take each product and service for our own test drive. We sign up to services, buy products, stress test software platforms, review pricing and contact customer care. In the case of international brands, we test drive them in every country we cover, since there can be differences in service and value, depending on where you live.

Finally, we write our reviews with you in mind. We cover all the bits you're interested, and give you our honest, independent opinion.

In a modern world full of choice, Best10 ensures you're as informed as possible when making any purchase online.


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